About Superwoman

Once upon a time Bethan Darwin went out with some of her girl friends and they all drank a little too much wine and talked a lot. They talked about issues that were affecting their respective businesses and by combining their professional skills came up with suggestions for resolving those issues. They asked each other for recommendations for a mortgage broker, an accountant, a caterer and a curtain maker and those recommendations were good and were followed. They laughed a lot…

“What about setting up a business women’s networking evening, one that would be fun and informative, like the evening we’ve just had?” said one of the friends.
“Great idea,” said another. “We could find some sponsors for it and raise some money for charity while we’re at it.”
“Let’s call it Superwoman!” Bethan said, “because all women need to be Superwoman nowadays,
juggling work, family commitments and a social life. We can have a great big get together and share our stories of how we manage to do it all and still just about manage to find time to iron our capes.”
And in the morning Bethan found that not only did she have a hangover but that she had also agreed to organise Superwoman.
The first Superwoman seminar took place in October 2005 and was attended by around 55 women. By the time of Superwoman 5 in 2009 numbers attending had reached 150 with a waiting list. Thanks to word of mouth and recommendations Superwoman information goes out to a database of over 800 women and in addition to the October seminar each year Superwoman now also runs a networking lunch in April. So far Superwoman has raised over £19,000 and thanks to the generosity of our sponsors who meet the costs of the event every penny has been paid directly to the charities.

Bethan has received and continues to receive a lot of ribbing from her male partners at Darwin Gray that Superwoman being a women only event is sexist. Bethan ignores them but is grateful to them for supporting Superwoman.

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