Superwoman 8 11 October 2012

Are you joining us for Superwoman 8 on 11 October 2012?  I do hope so.  All the details are on our events page and you can see photos from previous October conferences in our gallery. 

The October conference is a multi-tasking event, much like the lives of the Superwomen who attend it.  We’ve got inspirational and informative speakers, an opportunity to network, a little bit of shopping if you fancy it and we will raise around £6,000 for Valleys Kids and Breast Cancer Care.   And there’s wine and cake too! 

I’d like to personally thank our speakers, sponsors and goody bag contributors for taking the Superwoman challenge and making Superwoman 8 happen.  I will start planning Superwoman 9 in 2014 about twenty four hours after Superwoman 8 is over so do get in touch if you have any suggestions you’d like to make – for sponsors, speakers, or just how to make the event better.

My cape has developed a few holes recently and I’ve not been able to fly as fast as I’d like so this blog has not been updated as much as usual.  Do let me know if you have blog ideas you’d like me to post up.



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