Insider’s Power 100 and the 50 Sexiest Women in Wales 2010

I wasn’t going to blog about these two lists again this year.   Thought I’d said pretty much all I had to say about them in November 2009.  However, I had to review that decision after both lists hit my desk within 24 hours of each other last week and, more importantly, I noticed that a number of people were finding their way to the Superwoman blog by virtue of googling either Insider Power 100 or the 50 Sexiest Women in Wales.   So – here goes – the way Superwoman sees it in 2010.

Insider Power 100 – the Superwomen November 2010.

One more woman this year on the list, 12 out of 50 compared to last year’s 11, eight of which are politicans or in government.   Last year’s entries were ranked on power and influence.  Insider hasn’t said how this year’s are ranked but refers instead to “a new breed of leader bubbling up” and to the fact that “a lot of the new entrants and fast risers are entreprenuers” and of the 12 women featured only two fall into that category – Hayley Parsons and Elizabeth Hayward.

6.  Cheryl Gillan – Secretary of State for Wales – new

11.  Jane Hutt – business and budget minister (rising from 87 last year)

13.  Dame Gillian Morgan – Permanent Secretary, WAG (down from 11 last year)

14.  Sian Lloyd Jones – Chief Executive Finance Wales (up from 17 last year)

38.  Jane Davidson – Environment, Sustainability and Housing Minister (up from 56 last year)

58.  Menna Richards – Controller, BBC Wales (down from 8 last year as Ms Richards has announced her departure from BBC but perhaps the Power 100 went to print before she announced her non exec directorship of Glas Cymru?)

63.  Jocelyn Davies – Deputy Minster for Housing and Regeneration – new

67.  Edwina Hart – Health Minister (down from 12 last year when she was tied in 12th place with Huw Lewis and Carwyn Jones as the Labour leadership had not been decided at the time – Carwyn Jones is in at number 3 this year and Huw Lewis not at all)

71.  Kirsty Williams – Liberal Democrat Leader (up from 86 last year)

74.  Lesley Griffiths – deputy minister for science, innovation and skills – new

82.  Hayley Parsons – founder, Go Compare – new

100.  Elizabeth Hayward – director South East Wales Economic Forum -new

The following women who featured last year have lost their places this year:

16.  Iona Jones, Chief Executive, S4C – due to resignation/unfair dismissal depending on who wins the tribunal claim

88.  Katherine Jenkins, singer – due to the fact that Gio Compario has got the “shouldn’t really be in it but it gets people talking” place this year

91.  Margaret Matthews, director Dow Corning and Chairman CBI Wales

100.  Ann Beynon, director BT Wales

Well done again to all the women who feature in the list.  Just think if our numbers keep growing at one a year we’ll get equality by 2023!  Hurrah for Hayley Parsons in particular- creating jobs in Wales and a brand name known all over the UK.   Women are natural entrepreneurs but tend to keep their businesses small and manageable and capable of being fitted round child care rather than grow them to the size of Go Compare.  Hayley has shown that if women want to think big, they can.  The Superwomen salute you Hayley.  We also salute Laura Tenison, who didn’t make it to the Power 100 but should have.   Really – how many more jobs/stores/turnover millions/business awards does a girl need to land to be classed as a leader and entrepreneur?

I wonder if it’s any consolation to Laura Tenison that she did however make the Western Mail’s 50 sexiest women list for 2010.  Incidentally, there is no overlap between the two lists now that Katherine Jenkins has lost her place in the Power 100.   The Western Mail advises that amongst the models on the list we’d find women from the fields of art, business, music, sport, TV and politics.   I counted one from art (Cat Gardner) one from business (Laura Tenison), three from sport all coming in at number 39 or lower (Jazz Carlin (39), Jessica Fishlock (43) and Breanne Loukes (49) ) and one from politics, Polly Mackenzie and she’s Nick Clegg’s speech writer so I’m not even certain that counts.

This year the job of trying to define sexy fell to Claire Rees.  She tells us that “Our top 50 is about celebrating the women who have more to offer than pin up looks” and “Women who have achieved something, because that’s sexy, and women who have such infectious personalties you’d actually want to share a drink with them this Christmas.”      I’d love to have a drink with the women on the list – not because I want to have sex with them but because they are all of them flying the flag for Wales and flying it high.   Good on ’em all.    They deserve a Superwoman salute too.   But, dear Western Mail,  it’s  high time you changed the name of this list because the clue to what sexy means is right there in the word sexy.  How about “the 50 most Wonderful Women in Wales” instead?

See you next week after the boys’ list comes out.

5 Responses to “Insider’s Power 100 and the 50 Sexiest Women in Wales 2010”

  1. Valleysmam Says:

    How about the most underated women in Wales
    or the 50 mos teffective women for women in Wales
    Now those would be interesting

  2. Douglas Friedli Says:

    I edited the Power 100 list, and I think superwomanweb makes some very perceptive points about it.

    It is intended as a ranking of the most powerful people in Wales at a moment in time (about 15 October 2010 in this case). If there are relatively few women in positions of power in Wales, then that should be reflected in the ranking.

    I am open to suggestions of people who could join the list – or indeed those who could be removed from it.

  3. Wendy Sadler Says:

    I think one of the saddest things is that the lack of crossover between the two lists really sends a huge message that women in power and women who are sexy (or liked for going out for a drink with!) could not be the same people. No doubt the men in the list would be ranked as sexy BECAUSE of their power alone but perhaps this will never be the same for women?

    In fact maybe that isn’t what we should want? I saw an inspirational talk by Jocelyn Bell Burnell last month about women in astronomy and physics and she said perhaps we have to stop worrying about changing women to become more competitive in a male environment (tougher, more aggressive, more focused on profit at all costs) but start focusing on changing the environment to be more suitable for the strengths women bring to it.
    Someone who should be considered for the list (both lists in my opinion) is Professor Karen Holford – the first female Head of Engineering here at Cardiff University who also does world class research and is surely in a position of power for Wales and women.

  4. VATBAT Says:

    Define powerful….I think its a sad comment on how women’s influence is perceived largely from the political influence side in this list….we make things happen both in business and in the community…things change and move forward under womens’ influence and vast numbers of us chose to do this quietly and without seeking a “position”. Perhaps that’s our problem and just continues to re enforce the perception of lacking power. So well done to those on this list….but until women start talking up our contribution the lack of numbers will remain the same.

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