Super night for women at the Inspire Wales Awards 2010

I was at the first IWA Inspire Wales Awards 2010 at Cardiff City Hall last night.  For those who don’t know  – and I feel bad but I’d never even heard of IWA until last year – IWA stands for the Institute of Wales and describes itself on its website as

“an independent, membership-based think tank, dedicated to promoting the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales. It owes no allegiance to any political or economic interest group. Its only interest is in seeing Wales flourish as a country in which to work and live. It believes that can be done only by the effective mobilisation of all Wales’s intellectual resources.”

Wales’s intellecual resources were well and truly mobilised last night with 400 people attending the event.  The Western Mail was the media partner for the awards.  The Westie used to be the media partner of the Welsh Woman of the Year Awards (R.I.P since 2008).  I went to the Welsh Woman awards twice and didn’t enjoy myself much either time.   They were held in the CIA which in my opinion is cold and a bit too much like a drafty badminton hall to host a black tie do.  City Hall was much nicer and way posher but the awards could almost have been re-named the Welsh Woman awards because – get this –  of the nine individual awards up for grabs, seven were won by women.  Woo hoo!   And it’s got to be said that it must be great to win an award for women (which of course I wouldn’t know having never won one!) but even better to win an award which everyone is eligible to apply for.

I had a really enjoyable evening. Thanks very much to the Welsh Language Board for inviting me.   Diolch yn fawr.  Decent glass of something sparkly to start, a very interesting and entertaining table of people at dinner, and I got to hear Swansea based poet Nigel Jenkins read from some of his work for the first time – fabulous.  It was a pity that the singing act – the Three Waiters – didn’t sing something Welsh as well as Nessun Dorma and Toreador – a burst of Cwm Rhondda would have gone down very nicely, particularly as the event was to celebrate people who inspire Wales.

Below are the categories and their winners.  Congratulations to you all.  I was definitely inspired.

Young Achiever – Jessica Griffiths

Business Leader-  Hayley Parsons,

Educator – Prof. Judy Hutchings, Bangor University

Science and Technology – Prof. Meena Upadhyaya, Cardiff University & Cardiff and Vale University Board

Arts, Media and Creative Industries – Olwen Moseley, Cardiff School of Art and Design, UWIC

Environmentalist-  Steve Garrett, RCMA Social Enterprise Limited

Welsh at Work – North Wales Police

Active Citizen – Adam Rees, National Assembly of Wales

Global Wales – Angela Gorman, Hope for Grace Kodindo

Sport – Lucy Powell, Duffryn Community Link

2 Responses to “Super night for women at the Inspire Wales Awards 2010”

  1. Karen Dell'Armi Says:

    Whoo hoo hoo! Well done to all, especially the Welsh lasses. Inspiring indeed. All you need is a fabulous blast from Sing & Inspire to round off the evening! Isn’t it refreshing to have a body set up to promote citizenship in a non-political format, to celebrate all that is good within our community and to inspuire others to be the best they can be for themselves, their community & their country. Simple things, but they go a long way! Well done everyone, congratulations x

  2. Geraint Talfan Davies Says:

    Really glad that you enjoyed the evening. As organisers, we were very pleased that it attracted so much support. Now for next year.

    I also hope it gave more people an insight into what the Institute of Welsh Affairs does. In the last year we have also started a new branch – IWA Women.

    So do join – it’s only £40 p.a. membership. It’s the best possible investment in keeping in touch with what goes on both on the surface and below the surface in Wales. Subscribe online at You can also access our online news analysis magazine – These things only survive with active support.

    If you want to get involved with IWA Women contact Kirsty Davies, Deputy Director, IWA –

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